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Getting the desired artisitic vision of your event or performance is one of the most important things you have to considar. When you assemble your creative team, you need a team that is reliable, resourcefull and proactive. At JHLD our designers work as part as your team and not as a contractor or freelancer. 

Our Designers have years of experience in lighting design and use this experience to your advantage.

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Programming & Control

Lighting control can be a very complex and demanding area. Now-days we have a lot more to think about than connecting a cable from your desk to the dimmers and programming cues. With LED and moving lights, we have to considar complex programming aspects, that in the past was a brease. Our programmers are experts in programming complex shows with over 100 channels of control.

We are also experts in large lighting control systems, integrating networking and disaster recovery proceedures and plans, that make your lighting design much more reliable. We also work with other departments to integrate show-control to make everything that little more automated.



Choosing and specifying equiptment for your show can be though. But our team can handel that for you, all our staff have a background in lighing design, so we can help you with suggestions and tips along the way. All our equitment is fully maintained and tested before it leaves us, to make sure that you are not going to have any hidden surprises. 

We stock: Control equitment, moving lights, LEDs, dimmers, distros, rigging and miles of cabling.

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System Design

A good control system can lead to preventing failures that can cause shows to be canceled. At JHLD we have experts in networking that have experience in designing the simplest of control systems up to the most complex.

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