Moving Lights



Power Control


Lighting Control

Small show or concert sized rig. We have control solutions that can scale to your shows. We stock single universe solutions to full pixel mapping systems.
- ETC GIO @ 5  
- ETC Eos Programming Wing
- ETC Expression 2x
- Highend System Hog 4 Widget.
- ETC SmartFade 1248
- ETCNomad 6144 Package (Including Gadget)

Moving Lights

Wash lights or Beam lights. Tungsten or arc. We have them all.

- Martin Mac 250 Entour
- Martin Mac 250 Wash
- Martin Mac 250+
- ETC SourceFour Revolution (including modules)

All Moving lights include a spare and rigging hardware. We can even help you rig and patch them!

LED Lighting

LED is now becoming one of the most important technologies in the indestry. We can’t ignore it anymore. We stock the top-of-the-range ETC led fixtures that have years of research and development into them. Meaning you get the best look for your show. All our LEDs are colour calibrated, meaning all of them match regardless of age. 

- ETC SourceFour LED Series 2 Lustr Zoom 25/50
- ETC SourceFour LED Series 2 Lustr Fresnel
- ETC SourceFour LED Series 2 Lustr Cyc
- ETC SourceFour LED Series 2 Lustr 14 digree
- ETC D40 Lustr
- ETC D40 Vivid

Incandessent lighting

Tungsten fixtures have been around for years and theatre still love them. They still today remain the bread and butter of a lighting rig. We stock: Profiles, Fresnels and Pars.

- ETC SourceFour Zoom 25/50
- ETC SourceFour 14 degree
- ETC SourceFour Par
- ETC SourceFour Jr Zoom 25/50
- Wybron ColorSource Scrollers
- Strand Cantata Fresnel
- Generic Parcan

Power Controls

No power? No lights. Power control can be just as complex as the lighting rig. We stock. Dimmers, distros, relays and cabling.

- ETC SmartModule2
- IES SmartModule
- 32A SPNE in 7x 16A SPNE + 7 x 13A rubber box distro
- ETC ColorSource Relay


- Starville HZ-200 Hazer 
- 10 Meter DMX5 
- 5 Meter DMX5
- 3 Meter DMX5
- 10 Meter DMX3
- 5 Meter DMX3
- 1.5 Meter DMX3
- 10 Meter 16A SPNE 1.5mm TRS
- 5 Meter 16A SPNE
- 10 Meter 32A SPNE TRS
- 10 Meter Sockapex 1.5mm TRS

and moreā€¦.

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